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Westerners get confused because they mix up the various personae which make up the Al-Jazeera brand. It is most definitely the informal Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) station, with a pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias that is palpable. It coddles Islamists of any sort. But it also reliably takes the Third World, leftist position on a variety of international issues with open sympathy, for example, for authoritarian rulers in Cuba and Venezuela. Rather than leading, what Al-Jazeera often does is try to mirror much of the preconceived notions of largely Sunni, restive Arab masses that watch it. This is less about quirky independence and more about confirmation bias and virtue signaling. Imagine an editorial line that is part Noam Chomsky and part Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Bana, and you get the picture.

Source: Al-Jazeera TV | Middle East Media Research Institute


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