Italian Architect Renzo Piano on Earthquakes|Il Sole 24 Ore

Italian architect Renzo Piano on what should be done to avoid the horrendous damage earthquakes cause in Italy (in Italian): check buildings in exposed areas (which run along the whole of the Apennines from north to south) and repair those that need it, with techniques which will make them earthquake proof, without causing too much disruption and allowing the inhabitants to remain in their homes during the works. The technology is there, it has to be used systematically.

Our country is beautiful but fragile. It’s a deep beauty, to which too many have become accustomed and no longer see it. In Italy the beauty is so extraordinarily diffuse, that we are used to it, we live it in a distracted manner, without paying attention to it.
The world sees us as irresponsible beneficiaries of our heritage because the incredible beauty of ancient Italy doesn’t belong only to us, it’s part of the heritage of humanity. We are unworthy of our heritage, because we don’t protect it adequately.

Source: Il Sole 24 ORE

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