Nicodin Bogdan – Google+: Merkel is only consistent in her inconsistency

If she had actually stressed in the beginning that she would only accept genuine refugees and sent… – Nicodin Bogdan – Google+

Source: Nicodin Bogdan – Google+

Responding to one of the comments: “Eastern European countries are simply against aid…They have receive major opportunities from Western Europe during the past 25 yrs…” hmm, let’s put things into perspective: while post-WWII western Europeans, including the losing countries Germany and Italy, received massive help through the Marshall plan and were nurtured to become thriving democracies, Eastern Europe was given away, at the stroke of a pen, to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Which, instead of building modern, thriving societies, built iron curtains, sent people to gulags and indoctrinated them day and night to force them into the mold of the perfect Soviet world. When, thanks largely to the weakness of the Soviet system and some heroic trade unionists (remember Solidarnosc?) in Gdansk, Poland then other countries obtained free elections and, yes, later the Berlin wall was breached etc. etc. Unlike for East Germany, which obtained instant accession to the EU the minute it was reunited with West Germany, Poland and others had to wait another 10 years, after conducting painful reforms, to qualify for the EU. To make a long story short, not everybody in eastern Europe thinks that western Europe has been generous and welcoming, considering that every concession had to be earned the hard way, after being royally shafted in 1945. I am not condoning the xenophobic, extreme right wing reactions in Poland or Hungary to the proposal of sheltering refugees – what I am saying is that I would think twice before accusing people of lack of gratitude for western European largesse. And yes, joining NATO then EU is the best thing that happened in hundreds of years for countries like Poland – but let’s maintain some perspective here.

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