Sikorski przeprasza Kaczyńskiego

Wed 07/12/2011

Gazeta Wyborcza: Sikorski i Rostowski przepraszają Kaczyńskiego za stan wojenny Właśnie kiedy już zacząłem myśleć że nie ma wizji w Europie, przemówienie Sikorskiego w Berlinie zaprzeczyło mi.  Mówił on jak mąż stanu – nareszcie ktoś z wizją, a brakuje to […]


It’s time to go to Valencia

Sun 04/12/2011

1 of December, it’s time to go to Valencia. We joined the U3A coaches in Moraira, outside the Wok restaurant – a small crowd of U3A members already getting onboard. Since the trip was announced […]


Arab Spring – a small reading list

Wed 30/11/2011

I belong to a discussion (or is it debating?) group. We recently had a debate on the Arab Spring – good or bad? Here are some of the sources I used for the debate:


Saving the euro and Europe

Wed 30/11/2011

Two aspects of the crisis: on the one hand, the euro and the financial crisis and, on the other, the credibility and future of the European Union.


MotionX GPS app for iPhone and iPad

Sun 06/11/2011

I like travelling and hiking and, I must admit, I like technological gadgets. So I’ve been looking for years for a good GPS device to use when I hike. Size and weight are very important, considering that […]


Craft a career that will stand the test of time

Tue 01/11/2011

Lynda Gratton:  10 ways to craft a career that will stand the test of time, discusses the current and future globalized work context and provides 10 tips about skills, networks and choices. I find that […]

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