One Europe: Why so much islamophobia in Europe?

Thu 07/11/2013

Why so much islamophobia in Europe?  It’s the egg and the chicken: as the first generation of north-African workers came to France and Turks to Germany, they had work, but were not necessarily accepted socially. […]

Irish Times: Some British voters do not know they are in EU

Wed 30/10/2013 1. Interesting how the people who most complain about a lack of democracy in the EU are the ones mostly advocating really undemocratic solutions, ranging from the extreme left to the extreme right.

Richard Branson on EU

Sun 27/10/2013

Richard Branson on EU Coming from a family in which both parents had seen military (and other type of) action during WWII, that type of message is very cogent. I heard endless stories about the […]

Facebook allows videos of beheadings

Mon 21/10/2013

BBC News: Facebook lets beheading clips return A few years ago we had a discussion at work on whether we should screen material containing extreme violence, showing beheadings of western hostages by terrorists in Iraq […]

Sunrise 12 Sept with clouds

Thu 12/09/2013 Play in new window | Download

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