Forbes on Apple’s Tim Cook handling of tough question

Tue 28/02/2012

In my previous occupation, I’ve often found myself advising partners on media relations and communication principles, stressing the importance of truthfulness and openness  in difficult situations. This is a good example of how to handle […]

El Pais: Las víctimas desconocidas del Holocausto

Mon 13/02/2012

  Unos 350 soldados de EE UU estuvieron presos en los campos de concentración nazis, según una investigación del Museo del Holocausto de Washington. El Pais: Las víctimas desconocidas del Holocausto. You have to read the […]

The right to bear firearms – discussion points

Sun 22/01/2012

BBC News: An American professor on firearms in the UK Why Britain needs more guns by Joyce L. Malcolm (Professor of history, Bentley College, US author of Guns and Violence: The English Experience, Senior Advisor, MIT Security Studies Program).

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