Common European language

Fri 11/01/2013

The author of Would a common European language help? discussed the question whether Europe should have a common language. My take: Esperanto was a charming idea, except that first French, then English became more popular. […]

Jeff Jarvis: Copyright or creators’ rights?

Fri 17/08/2012

Jeff Jarvis says: “Creators don’t need protection from copying. That’s futile. Copying can’t be stopped. Thus copying is no longer a way to exploit the value of creation.” (Full story here: Copyright or creators’ rights?).

FT: on BBC project Barcelona

Thu 15/03/2012

Financial Times: BBC to expand in paid digital video fray BBC Director General Mark Thompson on the offering: “The BBC’s iPlayer is the most successful and most intensively used catch-up service in the world but […]