The French Way of War – POLITICO Magazine

Sun 22/11/2015

The French military is highly conscious of its small size and lack of resources… Whenever possible, they try to limit the use of the military to missions for which militaries really can be of use. […]

Au FN, la Russie reconnaissante ? | Libération

Fri 03/04/2015

Mediapart publie les textos d’un responsable russe désireux de «remercier» le FN pour son soutien à l’annexion de la péninsule ukrainienne en mars 2014. Quelques mois avant que le parti ne reçoive d… Source: Au FN, […]

Marine Le Pen and the Charlie Hebdo rally

Sat 24/01/2015

The FN was excluded from the Charlie Hebdo rally because, although Marine Le Pen is trying to make her party look respectable, it has a long history of violence, neo-nazi connections and negationism. Beside the […]