Newtek Video Toaster 4000 1994 Video

Fri 01/04/2016

From a friend on Facebook: Digital Video editing on Amiga computers back in 1994. You might recognize in this promo young Will Wheaton from Star Trek or later… Big Bang Theory. Maxx of music, video […]

FT: Microsoft and Nokia: key questions

Tue 03/09/2013

Microsoft and Nokia: key questions Microsoft and Nokia have a lot in common: they both had their respective markets to themselves, and they both managed to be cut down to size by the competition. And […]

MotionX GPS app for iPhone and iPad

Sun 06/11/2011

I like travelling and hiking and, I must admit, I like technological gadgets. So I’ve been looking for years for a good GPS device to use when I hike. Size and weight are very important, considering that […]